American Pool

Minimum of 2 people required for booking.

Minimum of 2 people required for booking.


What is American pool? It is a group of cue sports games played on an American-style table and with American-style numbered balls. The balls are slightly larger than traditional British balls, requiring larger pockets to accommodate them. American tables also include diamond system markings on the rails. American-style pool is now the world standard for competitive billiards.

Here at Marcos, we have 19 American-style Edinburgh pool tables manufactured by SAM Leisure. Our K-Steel slate bed 9-foot American pool tables are the best money can buy, and we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to play them. Each of the tables has been fitted with professional K-55 billiard rubber rail cushions for the most consistent ball response. These cushions are as good as anything you will find on a professional snooker table.

The tables are covered with top-of-the-line Hainsworth Elite Pro Cloth. Ours are fitted with banker’s grey on the beds and black on the rail cushions. Hainsworth Elite is an exceptional cloth that is very fine and fade resistant. It is also a high-speed cloth ideal for tournaments and league play.

American Pool Tables

Your GAME, Your WAY

8 Ball Pool

This is the most popular American pool game played around the world today; it is also one of two standard games used for championship play. It replaced Straight Pool as the game of choice for competition several decades ago.

9 Ball Pool

This is another championship level game played with the cue ball and object balls 1 through 9. You will need more than just shooting capability to win this game; you’ll need a good strategy as well.

10 Ball Pool

Think 9-Ball, but a little more challenging. An extra ball is added to the rack and players must call their shots prior to shooting.

Straight Pool

The classic Straight Pool lets you pocket any object ball at any time. Every pocketed ball equals one point; you play to a predetermined winning score.

We invite you to come and experience American-style pool at Marcos. We offer the best tables on the market and an unbeatable atmosphere!


American Pool is one of the most popular sports in the world. American Pool  Tables are bigger than British Pool Tables, ours are 9ft Professional.  The cloth is much faster, the pockets are bigger and it is much easier to play, hence why it is hugely  popular for all ages and skills.

No, we are open to pool players of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. In fact, you don’t even have to play pool to visit! As well as pool tables, we also have a Karaoke Room, Retro Arcades and a fully stocked Lounge Bar with great quality and value Drinks and Food.

Of course! Our Online Booking system lets you book our Pool Tables, any group bookings and the karaoke room too.  You can also pre order drinks online when making your booking.

You can play whatever rules you like as long as you and your opponent or friends agree on them before you start the game (always advisable).

Our house 8 Ball rules are available here :

The official US 9 Ball rules are available here:

Under 18’s must be accompanied by an Adult over 18, No under 18’s are allowed in after 8pm.

Hell No – Marco’s chalk only…

Monday to Friday £12 an hour, Friday from 4pm and all Day Saturday £14.  Sundays £12 an hour.
With 4 on a table that’s only £3 – £3.50 per hour each.

We are open 3pm – 12am Monday to Thursday, 11am to 1am Friday and Saturday, and 11am to 12am on a Sunday

Yes of course. Book online now for our best deals. We have group packages for corporate bookings, Hen Nights and Stag Parties.

For simple table bookings you pay up front for the Table Hire. For Big Group packages we ask for a 25% Deposit at time of booking..

If we have availability then you can stay on and pay for the extra time you play.

Yes of course we have a fantastic range of drinks and some of the Best Stone Baked pizzas in Edinburgh, but be careful please near the tables.